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UPDATE!! I made a blog on, so my blog has moved! Please go there to find my blog.

Hey, this is my website, Annie's website. So, I'm a going into 8th grader that likes school. Sort of. That's where my nerd title comes from. Sure, my friends would probably say stuff like, Annie, you are so not a nerd. Or Annie, you are so right! You are a nerd! *laugh*. Those are my friends.

 This is my blog, and generally just my say in the world of internet. Check out all the tabs: I assure you will find some interesting stuff. And, there's a scavenger hunt you can go on, but you have to find it yourself! What I mean is...there is a secret page on this web site that YOU can find!

 I will update this page with cool stuff every so often. Subscribe! If you do, I can notify you of updates.


So I just made this website for fun. See, to the right are all the links. Check out all the stuff.

Some other sites to look at:

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Just for your info, some of my friends' sites may not be the best. Personally, I think some need some improvement.


If you've listened to my iPod before, and want some songs, email me. I'll find a way to send you some stuff.The music on my site is really crappy.

What's la doodle doodle doo...?

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